Rising Moon



Kilik Farwind -   Main character of the story, destined at 5 years old to be a mage, but with his father (a warrior) banished, Kilik grows up to be defiant of the system set up in his home village.

Shiana Starlight - Kilik's classmate, loves being a mage, despises the warriors unsophisticated ways.

Hirokawa Darkfire - Kilik's classmate and rival, he attempts at every turn to beat Kilik and prove he's better.  He loathes Kilik and would jump at the chance to get him in trouble with the elders.

High Mage Kishida - Of the six elders in charge of the mages of Senri Village, Kishida leads them in making decisions and keeping to the age old tradition of separating the mages and the warriors.

Christophe Van Rydell - The son of a Lord in Amethyst, located in Amethyst, he takes over as Kilik's rival and wishes to prove once and for all that a lowly commoner cannot be better than him.

Jon - Son of a blacksmith, meets Kilik and the two become quick friends as well as sparring partners in Amethyst.

Master Robehr (Blue Crescent of the North) - A mage and scholar who lives in Amethyst.  When he meets Kilik, he sees something very familiar from himself as a child...